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We have other fun friends at the farm. 

We currently have four cats.  As you can see, they don't have much trouble hanging out with each other.




Shan Russell
Pico Maximus

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For many years, we enjoyed the company of two English Mastiffs, Puck and Joy. They have left us to go to their final reward.




Here are some of the other cats who we have known and loved.

Foober was my kitten and best fuzzy friend from 1986 until 2003.  I still miss her terribly.
As a kitten, Anthora was loving and wild all in one calico package.  Unfortunately, as an adult she did not mix well with other cats.  She is now an only child and loving it.

Moved to Fredericksburg.

Anthora's only friend, Blaze.
Aylee was the only sister to Pico and Maximus.  The whole litter was born and abandoned under our front porch.  We bottle-fed and cared for them as best as we could.  Pico and Maximus are our loving, wonderful kittens.


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